About Craftestic

Get on! Let’s sail to the world of craft with Craftestic raft!

Through our site we make bridge between the crafter/artist/weaver and customers. We set our prices that are best in industryand transfer its maximum revenue to the crafter society. Uplifting Crafters/artist/weavers life style and re-instate them in the traditional profession is one of our vital objective.We are taking initiative to make it lucrative and profitable profession.

Civilizations risen and fallen, what left over is Art and craft which witnessed it and sing the lifestyle and culture of people. Mesmerizing Artifacts, looms, craft made from ages .But as time passes, the Glorified Arts, crafts and looms lost and buried in the past. Craftestic endeavor to bring decaying art, looms craft into the limelight before it vanish in pages of history. Craftestic help to input fashion intelligence to bring up best from the thread and metal which accomplish product being in trend and competitive.

We provide crafters/Weavers/Artesian an international podium to reach prospective customer easily around globe. We deal with handicrafts, handlooms, traditional Arts, modern Arts, crafts which crafted, forged, weaved by the Artist, Crafter and weaver society. A small steps to reach milestone.