Boho Chic Antique Bracelet - Oxidized Silver - Tibet silver - beaded stud bracelet

Adore your Feminist owning this Traditional Antique styled boho bracelet from Craftestic

- Material : Oxidized Silver / Tibet silver
- Size : Free size
- Style : Beaded



Antique style traditional boho beaded bracelet.
Indian fashion necklace with beauty and craftsmanship that will never go out of style! A group of contemporary designers have designed this necklace drawing inspiration from global jewellery fashion trends. Artisans have then created this necklace by hand, one at a time. .
Whether it’s a regular outing with your friends or a fun cocktail party, oxidized silver accessories will help you create a great impression.

This piece would be great for you or a gift for your loved ones.

It's made with Oxidized Silver / Tibet silver.
you can wear it with casual or ethnic look.

- Material : Oxidized Silver / Tibet silver
- Size : Free size
- Style : Beaded

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It's very easy to clean and maintain. Prolong the life of your silver accessories using this quick care list:

- This jewellery was meant to look darkened, so don’t polish it.
- Keep it wrapped in a cotton cloth, in a dark, cool place as it’s a soft metal and scratches easily.
- Avoid makeup or perfume to touch its surface.
- If it gets dirty, clean it with a little soap, warm water, and a soft cloth