Help Crafters

To make a change in community of crafters bring a revolutionary changes in handicrafts and handlooms, our means, resources and energy might not be enough. Here you can help us to grow and to being a part of this initiative.

My friends once asked me, Why I am putting effort to survival the Art or the taking initiative to put the Crafts man and weaver in the same Profession? According to him, People meant to have own choice for their career and profession. If one father is Craftsman or Weaver, his son not necessary should follow his ancestor, his career and interest might have been different

And if People are changing their taste of fashion, what’s wrong in that? Changes is the the only truth in this world.

A crafter or weaver chosen to carry his tradition as career not because the family he belongs, it’s because his mentor/parents taught him the way to earn through it. The Same culture which used to provide a comfortable life and glorious prestige is neither a revenue generation profession nor it beg prestige in current period. Prestige doesn’t mean to facilitate trophy and awards in ceremony. Prestige means to being an economical strong and being counted as a well settled in society. This causes to divert career and profession and force toengage in other jobs.

Yes People taste and fashion has changed, but what couldn’t able to cop-op is handicraft and handlooms with the same taste and fashion. If samefashion intelligence crafters could have possess? Then their products could have been competitive and could have been survived and well-nourished through the periods. It also would have helped to the Crafters/weavers family to be nourished whose livelihoods depend upon their products. And crafters might have imagined a better future.

Is trophy and awards which are showcased in a thatched house are enough to change their lives. Is Art can be survive and can be handicraft again regain its lost pride and glory?